Rich Ducks
Crypto Club

A digital collection of 10,000 unique hand-drawn NFTs being built on the XRP Ledger.

Rich Duck Crypto Club

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These Rich Ducks lead by the moon commander XRP Bags representing the XRP Army. 

Having one of these NFT’s as your avatar represents health, wealth and creating a brighter future for all!

Holding 1 of these NFTs will give you access to the Rich Ducks Crypto Club, special events/perks/music. As well as future drops/mints. 


Partnered with CLUB X  for the launch of the Rich Ducks. Holding 1 CLUB token to gives you access to mint.The Rich Ducks are a free mint triggered by holding a Bearable Bull NFT.

Lead by the Moon Commander ‘XRP Bags’ and the XRP Army.

Holding a Rich Duck NFT will give you access to the club, airdrops, whitelist and more!

The Characters
10K hand drawn randomly generated rich ducks. Over 220 Traits welcome to the club.
No-Fee Marketplace
XRPL’s approach to sustainability also results in cost-efficient NFT projects that are more profitable for creators and accessible for mainstream consumers.

Rich Ducks Roadmap











Partnered with ClubX to launch the premiere NFT project for the Rich Ducks NFTs

Club X Discord & Twitter launch

Airdrop 70% of the CLUB token to the community

Finalize Rich Ducks traits to get ready for mint

Test final batch of traits to make sure the art is ready for mint

Launch website, Twitter, Utility

Release of XLS-20D

CLUB token holders will receive a Bearable Bull NFT

Continued project development, partnerships, collabs.

Minting of Rich Ducks 

Begin Phase 2…

Buy Rich Ducks

Soon as XLS-20D is live and bearablebulls are minted be on the look out for those Filthy Rich Ducks.


Most frequent questions and answers

NFT Club project built with CLUBXRPL. Led by XRP Bags and runs on XRP!

A collection of 10,000 Rich Ducks who ignore the fud, and stay stuffing those bags! Over 200 traits, and various forms of bling make each duck unique!

The Rich Ducks are a free mint triggered by holding a Bearable Bull NFT.

(1 CLUB Token – Trustline)

As soon as XLS-20 is released and Bearablebull NFTs are minted!

The Bearable Bulls NFT and the Rich Ducks Crypto Club official launch partner is

Yes the main utility of the club will be music. Along with access to the club, future airdrops, whitelist and more! More Info

The Team

XRP Bags

Moon Commander

XRP Bags on Youtube, Artist, Leader of the new 1%


The Architect

ClubXRPL, Bearablebulls


Community Manager